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(609) 284-0046; (609) 937-5700


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BOARD   The basic board charge includes stall cleaning six days per week; and, daily turnout in grass paddocks. Also unlimited high quality hay and a grain/pellet mix is fed twice daily in a customized program. Our aim is to include as many services as possible under the umbrella of basic board, to eliminate the need for miscellaneous charges. Specific services included in the flat monthly rate are as follows:

  1. Organize and send horse show entries
  2. Individual scheduling of diet, turnout and medications/supplements
  3. Scheduling and supervision of farrier, veterinarian, etc.
  4. Tack cleaning
  5. Unbandage and check legs the day after showing
  6. Load and unload horses going to a show and coming home from a show
  7. Unload, clean and repack trailer after a show
  8. Put on, remove and straighten blankets, sheets, etc.
  9. Treatment of any injury or ailment and care during any period of stall rest

The flat monthly board rate is $850.00

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