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Tustin Farm

1430 Marne Highway (Rt. 537)

Hainesport, New Jersey 08036



(609) 284-0046; (609) 937-5700


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Additional Services

LAUNDRY   Boarders will be assessed a monthly laundry charge for washing bandages, wraps, sheets, girths and saddle pads. If a blanket must be washed it will be sent to the commercial laundry and charged at their regular rate. The laundry charge is $10.00 monthly plus any blanket wash charge.

SUPPLIES   A monthly supply charge will be assessed for supplies bought in bulk and used by all boarders such as: isopropyl alcohol, hoof oil, shampoo, etc. If a boarder requires a special supply such it will be billed directly to that boarder. The supply charge is $45.00 per month.

BRAIDING   $100.00 mane & tail or market rate

BODY CLIPPING   $125.00 for horses, $115.00 for ponies

SHOW GROOMING   $30.00 per horse per day, $50.00 per horse if less than three horses show that day

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