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Secret Crush

14 year old; 14.1 1/8 hand welsh cross; grey mare

Snow is a kind, forgiving pony whose objective is to help her rider succeed. She has taken her current rider from pre-children's to the large ponies. She consistently wins the model, always gets a hack prize, has plenty of step, auto swaps, a lovely jump. Pony derby winner at St. Christopher's, Gulf Coast Classic Circuit Champion, tricolors & classic wins from Lexington National, Middlesex, Four Seasons, Blue Rock, Saratoga, Charleston, Brownland & WEC. Consistently in the top 10 nationally. Qualified for Pony Finals 2019 (where she has marched around many times), Pony Derby Finals & she has 2800+ points for indoors.  Look right & upward for video links.


13 year old;  16.3 hand  warmblood cross; bay mare

Lucy is a delightful, sound 3' specialist. She is a barn favorite of ours, having brought along one pre-childrens rider up to the childrens ranks & seen another from the childrens into the adult amateurs. She never needs to school, swaps on her own, has the perfect stride, always gets a hack ribbon & it's often blue, & she's been champion at places like Charleston, Saratoga, Atlanta, Tryon, etc. Look right & upward for video link.


16 year old; 14.1 1/4 hand Welsh cross; black mare

Bella is a pretty pony who is consistently 1st or 2nd in the hack; but, the best thing about her is that she is a soldier that serves every day of the week, every time she goes in the ring. She always jumps, she always swaps, she doesn't spook, she tries her best for every rider she's had 100% of the time. She has been champion at Ox Ridge, McDonough, Saratoga, Gulf Coast Classic, Middlesex, Harrisburg Classic, Charleston, Brownland & Lexington Classic. She is a children's hunter and short stirrup specialist who has been outgrown & who is ready to teach her next child. Look right & upward for video link.

Cherrybrook Just Blue In

13 year old, 13.1 hand warmblood crossbred bay mare

Abby is a gentle soul who always gives 110%. She has a beautiful canter, with a huge stride; and, she is a spectacular jumper. She is a guaranteed hack prize, including at Devon & indoors. She is brave & well broke with an automatic lead change. Always in the top 10 nationally with ribbons at all the qualifying shows. Qualified for Pony Finals 2019, Pony Derby Finals & has over 3600 points for indoors 2019. Abby rarely goes to a show without coming home with a tricolor ribbon. Look right & upward for video link.

Stars Above

14 year old, 12.1 1/2 hand Irish Welsh grey mare

Milky competed successfully in the small ponies; but, as of late she has settled into being a great short stirrup caretaker. She is a beautiful pony who never spooks or says no to a jump. She has an automatic lead change & she goes at the perfect pace. She has been through 2 short stirrup leases & she's home and ready to teach another little rider the ropes. Look right & upward for her video link.

Cherrybrook Dark Secret

6 year old, 13.0 1/2 hand crossbred bay mare

Darla is currently winning in the children's pony division; and, she is more than ready to be a superstar in the green ponies this December. She is stunning to look at, she's the hack winner; and, she is a charming pony in the barn. She is brave to the jumps, swaps her leads & gives 100% every time she goes in the ring. She was 2019 circuit champion in the children's ponies at Gulfport & she has consistently been champion or reserve every time out since then. Look right & upward for video link.